Technical customer service

Our service technicians support you all over the world qualified and fast, whether for regular maintenance and calibration, retrofits or malfunction.



You did not use your machine for a longer time or you want to visualise the machine status? We are happy to conduct an inspection on your machine to determine the necessary expense for recovery or enhancement of the productivity of your machine.



We can also offer you the acceptance for your machine without maintenance, if your machine is only used rarely. In this case the machine will be new adjusted and calibrated. So you can be sure to fulfil the requirements of your quality system.



Your measuring machine should be moved internally? Or would you like to move the machine to another place of location? As your solid partner, we will assist you by demounting of the machine at the current location and by the re-installation at the new location. If requested, we will organize the complete movement for you.

Maintenance and calibration

To guarantee the durability and reliability of your machine, we recommend a yearly maintenance and calibration. The machine will be cleaned and calibrated by our specialised service technicians. Furthermore, predefined wearing part will be exchanged.

Please find following the advantages of a multi-year mechanical maintenance contract:

  • Yearly maintenance and calibration at contract price within the contract duration
  • Easy budgeting of the maintenance and calibration
  • Stipulated appointments are possible
  • Enhancement of your measuring results because of regular inspection
  • Rebate for spare parts
  • Free support by telephone or TeamViewer, if you may have problems
  • Automatic date arrangement



In case of troubles with your machine, our skilled service team supports you reliably, quickly and with high competence. A repair as well at our internal workshop as at customer site, our skilled technicians will take care for repairing the machine in optimal time and sophisticated. We grant you our manufacturer’s warranty for the performed work and the installed spare parts.

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