Service contracts

Our products are distinguished by their long-life cycle and reliability.
We recommend to conclude a mechanical and a software service contract so that
you always can rely on your machine. You will get important service features for stipulated special prices.


Advantages of a mechanical maintenance contract:

  • Yearly maintenance and calibration at contract price within the contract duration
  • Easy budgeting of the maintenance and calibration
  • Stipulated appointments are possible
  • Rebates for spare parts
  • Free support by telephone or TeamViewer, if you may have problems
  • Automatic date arrangement
  • Enhancement of your measuring results because of regular inspection
  • Special rebates for a contract running time of 3 or 5 years


Combination contracts (Service plus):

  • Additional rebate for the maintenance contracts


Advantages software service contract:

  • Constant yearly costs
  • Hotline service by phone
  • Support by remote software
  • Update service (1-3 per year)
  • Rebates for trainings, purchase of software options and styli
  • Special rebates for a contract running time of 3 or 5 years
  • Participation in the continuous improvement process

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