Coordinate measuring device

Focus is an all-purpose coordinate measuring device. Because of its robust construction on hard rock base associated with high-precision linear guides the Focus is predestined for the use in the workshop area and the goods receipt. The compact design with integrated control technology ensures flexible use in the entire production area.

Measuring ranges (mm)

Axis X/length Y/width Z/height
From 200 150 150
Up to 500 400 200

Accuracy: 2,5 + l/200

The stated accuracy true for the smallest measuring range and for a surrounding temperature of 20° C. Special sizes and special accuracies available on request.

Sensor Systems
  • CNC zoom with an optical enlargement area from 0,7x to 4,5x
  • LED transmitted light
  • Coaxial LED incident light
  • Segmented LED ring light
  • ¼” CCD camera
  • Calibration standard


Probe Systems

  • PH6 fixed probe head
  • TP20 probe system – auch Bildbeschreibung für Bild 1
  • TP200 probe system – auch Bildbeschreibung für Bild 2
  •  Alternative probe systems on request
  • Change racks for our probe systems on request



  • Cable Handbox



  • Customer specific software training



  • CNC zoom up to 12,5x max. optical enlargement
  • Fixed optic with laser autofocus / laser scanning
  • White light sensor
  • Rotary tables
  • Customer specific part holder
  • Chucks
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