Layout machine

The Assistent is a manual layout machine with a stable and modular machine concept. The machine is easy to run even with huge measuring ranges, because of the mounted-on roller bearings precision guidance. The high-definition scale system, installed in all axes, always sends the exact measured value and so it contributes significantly to the accuracy of the machine. Because of the ergonomic handling of the Assistent it is ideal to perform the most different measuring tasks. The Assistent solves every measuring assignment, whether equipped with a digital counter for scribing or with a probe system and an evaluation.


Measuring ranges
and accuracy
Axis X/length Y/width Z/height
From 1200 800 1000
Up to any 2500 3000

Accuracy: 16 + l/100

The stated accuracy true for the smallest measuring range and for a surrounding temperature of 20° C. Special sizes and special accuracies available on request.

Probe Systems

The Assistent is compatible with various probe systems:

  • PH6 fixed probe head
  • PH10T motorised indexing probe head
  • PH10M motorized indexing probe head
  • TP20 probe system
  • TP200 probe system
  • Alternative probe systems on request
  • Optical 3D sensors on request



  • Active pneumatic shock absorption
  • Active temperature compensation in all axes incl. workpiece




Guidance variation

The Assistent is available as a single and a duplex version. It is available with the following guidance variations: Guidance of the X-axis guided sideward at the measuring plate / measuring beam. Guidance of the X-axis guided on the measuring plate / measuring beam.

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