Primus L

Bridge type machine

Our bridge type measuring machine Primus L presents a compact and stable machine concept. The mass which is moved is reduced because of the overhead guide axis. That is why we can realise a bigger measuring range of the other axes without resigning the dynamic and accuracy. The Primus L has also, like the Primus, high-precision air bearing guidance and dynamic gears in all axes. The high-definition scale system in conjunction with a powerful controller guarantees a tight accuracy.


Measuring ranges
and accuracy
Axis X/length Y/width Z/height
From 1500 2000 1000
Up to 1800 4000 1600

Accuracy: 1,9 + l/300

The stated accuracy true for the smallest measuring range and for a surrounding temperature of 20° C. Special sizes and special accuracies available on request.

Probe Systems

Primus L is compatible with various probe systems:


  • PH6 fixed probe head
  • PH10T motorised indexing probe head
  • PH10M motorized indexing probe head
  • PH20 continuously indexing probe head
  • REVO continuously indexing probe head
  • TP20 probe system
  • TP200 probe system
  • SP25 scanning probe
  • Alternative probe systems on request
  • Optical 3D sensors on request
  • Change racks for our probe systems on request



  • Active pneumatic shock absorption
  • Active temperature compensation in all axes incl. workpiece
  • Air preparation facilities (e. g. air dryer)
  • Delivery systems and palletising systems



  • Cable handbox
  • Wireless handbox



What can we do for you?

Our team will answer you all questions you may have about the measuring technology. We would enjoy to support you by choosing the suitable machine and we surely will find a solution even for your very special requirement.


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